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  • Marius Pedersen a.s.: Would you like a cup of English tea?

    Monday, 28. May 2012

    Dear clients, with pleasure we herewith present our website to you. We have launched the English version website in order to be closer to you. Now you can get important and useful information in...

  • Marius Pedersen Group is on top

    Wednesday, 11. April 2012

    Since 2012 the highest-situated restaurant  in the Czech Republic has been run by a new management and Marius Pedersen Group has been providing ecological waste disposal there,  respecting principles...

  • Marius Pedersen a.s.: Browse our website not only on a computer

    Friday, 10. February 2012

    Dear clients, our website has gone through a significant change. Now you can browse it on your mobile phone or tablet without the need to scroll. Our website has been adjusted to enable its browsing...

  • Marius Pedersen a.s.: Take out the trash

    Friday, 3. February 2012

    It is an amusing and funny microsite that dares  personifying  municipal containers.  And why not? We have tackled that issue of waste recycling and ecology differently, not as usual in a descriptive...

  • Marius Pedersen a.s.: We are launching a new website

    Thursday, 2. February 2012

    Dear clients, our website has gone through a complete redesign and significant changes in graphics, content and technology. No matter whether you represent state authority, local government  or...

  • Krušnohorské služby a.s. in Jirkov

    Sunday, 1. January 2012

    Since 1st January 2012 Krušnohorské služby a.s. in Jirkov has been providing public services. Krušnohorské služby a.s. is a joint venture of the municipality of Jirkov and Marius Pedersen a.s....

  • Marius Pedersen a.s in Broumov

    Sunday, 1. January 2012

    Since 1st January 2012 Marius Pedersen a.s has been providing a complete range of waste management services to municipalities, households and enterprises in the district of Broumov, where the company...



Interesting facts

Marius Pedersen a.s. was established in the Czech Republic in 1991 as a subsidiary of a Danish company Marius Pedersen A/S.

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