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E-waste collection and transport

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is recycled more and more and due to present legislation the amount of unusable e-waste is decreasing.

E-waste includes:

  • non-ferrous and precious metals,
  • alloys,
  • glass,
  • ceramics,
  • organic polymers with toxic content,
  • other substances like stabilizers, fillers and pigments.  

According to European legislation producers are obliged to ensure the collection of individual types of e-waste from customers.

The collection applies to all types of household e-waste. Similarly, e-waste is collected from legal and natural persons. Electrical and electronic equipment becomes waste after its delivery to a processor.

E-waste types:  

  • Type 1- Major appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dryers etc.)
  • Type 2 – Small appliances (vacuum cleaners, irons, blenders, fryers etc.)
  • Type 3 – Computer and telecommunication appliances (laptops, PCs, telephones, mobile phones etc.)
  • Type 4 – Consumer electronics (video and audio equipment, musical instruments)
  • Type 5 – Lighting devices (incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, gas-discharge lamps etc.)
  • Type 6 – Electrical and electronic tools (drills, saws, gardening devices etc.)
  • Type 7 – Toys, leisure (electronic toys, models, sports equipment)
  • Type 8 – Medical devices (all medical equipment with the exception of implants)
  • Type 9 – Monitoring devices (detectors, thermostats, laboratory equipment etc.)
  • Type. 10 – Vending machines  

E-waste collection

We cooperate with accredited collective e-waste collection systems especially in the field of e-waste collection and transport. The following table contains information about accredited partners.

Tab. 1 List of collective systems                                                         

Name Address IN VATIN Vehicle Registration Plate E-waste types
ASEKOL s.r.o. Praha 4 27373231 CZ27373231  KH005/05-ECZ 3,4,7
EKOLAMP s.r.o. Praha 2 27248801 CZ27248801 KH002/05-ECZ 5
Elektrowin a. s. Praha 4 27257843 CZ27257843 KH001/05-ECZ 1,2,6
OFO - Recycling s.r.o. Ostrava - Jih 26871301 CZ26871301 K009/05-ECZ  
REMA Systém, a.s. Praha 4 64510263 CZ64510263 KH007/05-ECZ 8
RETELA, s.r.o. Praha 2 27243753 CZ27243753 KH003/05-ECZ 9

Marius Pedersen a.s. provides  e-waste collection in certain recycling centres. Disposal of all types of complete electrical and electronic equipment is free of charge.

In addition to recycling centre managementour company offers the following services:

  • e-waste collection and transport from customers including kerbside collection in municipalities,
  • e-waste transport to processors,
  • providing the service of e-waste collection for collective systems (in containers, cardboard boxes, on pallets, bulky waste),
  • annual reports for our customers,
  • legislation monitoring and keeping our customers informed,
  • other consultation and advisory services for our customers.

If  electrical and electronic equipment is dismantled or otherwise destroyed, collection is refused and such equipment becomes waste.

Even in these cases you can rely on the services of Marius Pedersen, which will provide environmentally friendly wastedisposal.

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Interesting facts

Marius Pedersen a.s. was established in the Czech Republic in 1991 as a subsidiary of a Danish company Marius Pedersen A/S.

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