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Disposal of waste in controlled landfill sites

Waste landfill sites represent the final option to dispose of unusable waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Landfill site structures are counted among technical constructions and must meet strict requirements, e.g.:

  • they must be permanently mechanically, physically, chemically and biologically resistent,
  • a landfill site must be integrated into the surrounding landscape.

As of 16 July 2009, only the landfill sites guaranteeing the complete compliance with EU legislation have been left in operation. The landfill sites which by the aforementioned date had not met the requirements of the strict European standards were closed down.

Operation of landfill sites is defined by internal company rules and integrated permission which summarizes all operational and legislative conditions. Each operator of a landfill site is obliged to execute monitoring with a subsequent assessment for state authorities.

Landfill  premises along with other operating facilities are integrated parts of „comprehensive waste disposal centres“, as they are called.

A landfill site comprises:

  • premises for acceptance and declaration of waste,
  • degassing system for the collection of landfill gas and its further utilization in cogeneration unit for the production of electrical energy,
  • closed system of retention tanks for collecting any landfill waters,
  • composting plant,
  • gathering premises for exploitation of usable commodities of waste,
  • biodegradation site.

Documents required for waste acceptance at a landfill site

Conditions for the operation of a landfill site are defined by Waste Act no. 185/2001 coll. as amended.

It is necessary to document the selected categories of waste with the analysis of leachability including a sampling protocol.

List of wastes accepted at a landfill site

In all our landfill premises with the disposal of „O“ or „O“ and „N“ category waste, we accept waste according to our standardized list. Information about the list of accepted wastes is available at the individual landfill sites.

How do we quote prices for waste disposal?

The total price of waste disposal in a controlled landfill site includes the following three basic charges: 

  • the basic price derived from the costs of landfill site construction and operation,
  • the cost of a financial reserve for the reclamation of a landfill site and the subsequent treatment.  This cost is fixed and is determined by Waste Act. For municipal waste 100 CZK/t is charged, and for other and inert waste 35 CZK/t,

the fee that compensates for the ecological burden of a landfill site. The fee is quoted by Waste Act and the recipient of this fee is the municipality in the territory of which the landfill site is located  (according to the Land Registry).

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