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Construction waste recycling

Construction waste is sorted by type and quality in our facilities. After collecting a sufficient amount of material, it is crushed and sorted with the help of a fully automated mobile unit.

The output is recycled material which can be used for terrain modifications, surface firming and road constructions etc. 

Crushed material is classified by size and other defined parameters:

  • size 0–16mm
  • size 16–32mm
  • size 32–70mm

By recycling construction waste we protect the environment.

Construction waste recycling helps to:

  • reduce the exploitation of natural resources,
  • reduce environmental burden caused by mining, production or transport of raw materials,
  • save the capacity of existing landfill sites and prevent new ones from being established.

The recycled material must meet the mechanical and physical properties given by the standard, which we gurantee using laboratory tests.

Construction waste acceptance criteria:

  • 17 01 01           concrete - separated construction debris  
  • 17 01 02           bricks – separated construction debris   
  • 17 01 07           mixture of concrete, bricks, roof tiles and ceramic products.

Accepted waste must meet the criteria for the utilization of the final products for terrain modifications.

Accepted construction waste must not contain other waste types, e.g. wood, cardboard, plastic etc.

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Marius Pedersen a.s. was established in the Czech Republic in 1991 as a subsidiary of a Danish company Marius Pedersen A/S.

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