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Cemetary management

In accordance with the laws we administer and maintain public burial grounds. Our services encompass:

  • interment,
  • exhumation of human remains,
  • record keeping of burial sites,
  • maintenance of green spaces at cemeteries etc.

Cemetery management also involves:

  • grave digging including backfilling, decoration of graves prior to a funeral service , tomb opening, cooperation with stonemason companies when removing/replacing grave coversetc.,
  • decision making regarding human remains interment according to the legislation in force and in compliance with the approved plans of the burial grounds, assistance of a social worker – a gravedigger at a burial and when placing a body or remains into a grave or tomb,
  • handling of both decomposed and undecomposed  human remains,
  • cooperation with a regional health officer during exhumation, and with a prosecutor during criminal procedures,
  • burial grounds operation ensuring exhumation without disrupting public order and  preventing infection transmission,
  • interring urns, scattering of ashes in the crematorium grounds, or if required, dignified storage of urns,
  • mandatory record keeping  regarding the burial grounds management in compliance with Funeral Services Act,
  • record keeping of burial sites declared a cultural monument in compliance with Cultural Heritage Act, and record keeping of war graves and headstones,
  • allocation of new burial sites to applicants, billing for the lease of burial sites, taking over a burial site from a leaseholder after lease termination,
  • photographic documentation of every burial site including burial facilities.

Burial grounds administration and maintenance:

  • operation of a funeral home and coordination of funeral services,
  • acceptance of human remains from the funeral provider prior to the funeral ceremony,
  • personal participation of the Cemetery Management Office personnel in  ushering the bereaved into the mourning hall,
  • open casket service on request of the bereaved (on the catafalque or elsewhere),
  • flower decoration of the catafalque in the mourning hall on request of the bereaved and the funeral provider,
  • music during funeral ceremony on request and in cooperation with funeral orators,
  • lowering the coffin into the catafalque at the end of the funeral ceremony,
  • cleaning of the mourning hall and other facilities,
  • checking and operation of the cooling facility, lifting and lowering device of the catafalque,
  • regular inspection of all technological facilities of the mourning hall and the surrounding areas,
  • maintenance of the headstones and burial sites  with a special status, and the crematorium grounds for scattering ashes
  • administration and maintenance of burial grounds including cemetery roads,
  • winter maintenance of cemetery roads,
  • maintenance of buildings, fences, and disposal of cemetery waste,
  • maintenance of green spaces,
  • administration of maintained buildings and premises,
  • administration of the information system for burial grounds leaseholders and visitors.

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Interesting facts

Marius Pedersen a.s. was established in the Czech Republic in 1991 as a subsidiary of a Danish company Marius Pedersen A/S.

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