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Wrecked car disposal

Wrecked car disposal is subject to the folowing conditions:

  • No substantial parts of the car can be removed (car body, engine).
  • The VIN number must not be removed.
  • The engine must have an identification number

When the above requirements are not met, the Certificate of Destruction is not  issued and the vehicle can not be removed from the Vehicle Register of the Transport Inspectorate.

To receive the Certificate of Destruction, it is obligatory to provide:

  • vehicle registration certificate,
  • identity document or power of attorney.

The certificate is sent electronically to the MAISOH system (central registration system of disposed vehicles) before it is issued.

Steps to take when disposing of a wrecked car

  1. For the manipulation with wrecked cars we use a variety of machinery, e.g.:
    • hydraulic arm,
    • forklift,
    • low-lift pallet truck,
    • truck for the transport of barrels, wooden and metal pallets, bins, etc.
  2. Wrecked cars are weighed and stored on a site with hard surface.
  3. They are then dismantled in a garage, where all hazardous operating fluids are removed into a special container by pumping or draining. The battery is also removed.
  4. Pumping off operating fluids (consumables) is finished only when all the systems are completely drained.
  5. Wrecked cars, with hazardous components removed, are dismantled further. Plastic, glass, seats etc. are removed.
  6. The cars are then taken to a scrapyard and later dispatched for further processing by an authorised company.
  7. The VIN (vehicle identification number) is destroyed during the dismantling process.  

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