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Composting of waste

What is composting?

Composting is an effective way to utilize biodegradable wastes. The outcome of a composting process are products or waste which is not regarded as biowaste.

The composting process is regulated by Waste Act no. 185/2001 coll. and the regulation no. 294/2005 coll. and no. 341/2008 coll.

During composting materials increasing the efficiency and quality of a composting process may be used.

What is not accepted in a composting facility?

Wastes unsuitable for composting are those which could:

  • decrease the efficiency of the composting process or stop the process completely,
  • reduce the usability of the final product (e.g. due to high content of heavy metals).

Also, it is not possible to accept wastes containing undesirable substances, reeking waste or liquid waste.

How is composting carried out?

  1.  Adequate declaration and waste certificates of a vehicle with biowaste are checked
  2. The waste is weighed and registered, then dispatched for unloading
  3. Accepted waste is further processed if necessary (by crushing, mixing, removing of undesirable substances).
  4. The waste is disposed in the shape of a triangle or trapezium.
  5. Disposal sites with different final use are marked and separated from one another in order to avoid their being mixed up.

The following are the optimal conditions for the development of microorganisms that decompose organic material:

  • sufficient content of organic substances,
  • appropriate carbon-nitrogen ratio,
  • required moisture during the whole process of composting,
  • pH adjustment if necessary,
  • aeration of the substrate, 
  • temperature adjustment during the whole process of composting.

List of wastes accepted in a composting facility

Marius Pedersen has a standardized list of wastes common for all composting facilities. Further information on the list of accepted wastes is available in the production centres.

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