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Maintenance of public lighting and traffic signals

Public lighting has several functions each of which is specific: 

  1. traffic safety and safety of citizens and their property – road and street lighting
  2. attractiveness of towns and municipalities, lighting of significant architectural and artistic works – architectural lighting
  3. festive lighting decorations – decorative lighting
  4. traffic signals

Road and street lighting

is used to illuminate local public roads and motorways. Here also belong:

  • public  group gathering areas (e.g. squares),
  • street markets,
  • pedestrian zones,
  • bicycle paths and footpaths,
  • tunnels,  subways, bridges and footbridges,
  • crossroads (interchanges, intersections),
  • roundabouts,
  • pedestrian crossings,
  • bus stops,
  • park-and-ride facilities, car parks etc.

Architectural lighting

highlights significant sights in a town or municipality (historical and modern architectural buildings) and areas of outstanding natural beauy. The lighting, apart from its aesthetic function, increases attractiveness of the place for the visitors, evokes a pleasant atmosphere, and last but not least, improves orientation. Architectural lighting is used all year round.

Decorative lighting

decorates streets, squares, certain localities or entire towns on festive occasions like Christmas, Easter or other important holidays, festivals and anniversaries.   

Traffic signals

regulate traffic in towns and municipalities. A constant increase in transport and traffic volume places high demand on the appropriate signal timing in order to minimize downtime, accident rate and environmental burden. Marius Pedersen provides management, maintenance and construction of:

  • variable traffic signalling lights (traffic lights etc.),
  • light-signalling devices with radars,
  • lighting of pedestrian crossings,
  • lighting of other places on request of towns or municipalities.

Marius Pedersen provides:

 1.     Operation and maintenance of public lighting

  • maintenance of all parts of the public lighting network (lighting points, networks, distributors, traffic lights etc.),
  • inspections of electrical and electronic parts of the public lighting network,
  • detailed documentation of the network – passportization, as it is called, ensures a prompt and effective maintenance intervention,
  • detailed records of all maintenance interventions in the public lighting network stored in an electronic form,
  • remote monitoring of lighting operation conditions  - a failure signalling system via modems, phones, GSM systems etc.

The tasks related to operation, repair, maintenance and construction are in compliance with generally applicable laws, technical regulations, technical standards and operating regulations.

All tasks are performed by personnel with qualifications in compliance with CÚBP and CBÚ regulation 50/1978 as amended.

2.     Power management, rule observation

  • Use only as much lighting as necessary.
  • Only turn lights on when necessary.
  • Only turn lights on where necessary.

We observe these rules due to:  

  • utilization of high-quality lightsin new buildings and replacement of current lightswith new ones – with a higher efficiency such as LED lamps or LVD induction lamps. They are long-life, efficient light sources which means they protect  human health and the environment.
  •  regulation of lighting intensity according to the current needs:

o    using a voltage regulator, which is installed in the distributor of the public lighting network; it has no impact on the electrical grid and lighting points (lamps); benefits: electrical energy consumption reduced by 20–40%, discharge tube lifetime extended by 25–50%, low maintenance cost; the regulator does  not interfere with other electrical devices or mobile phones, cardio-stimulators etc.

o    through regulation of lighting intensity using the so-called „dimmers“ or light sensors that measure the intensity of daylight and consequently regulate electrical input power and light intensity according to current conditions.

o    dimming – lights are swiched on and off by a programmed time switch. This occurs gradually and overloading of the electrical grid is avoided.

3.     Planning and realization of investments in liaison with a town or municipality

  • We offer elaborated recostruction and construction projects of new public lighting networks.
  • We cooperate with professionals in the field of reconstruction or construction of new public lighting networks, focusing on the application of energy-saving measures.
  • We trust reputable firms with expertise in the field of reconstruction and construction of  public lighting networks that apply the latest knowledge in the field.
  • We supervise the reconstruction or construction works to reach the maximum cost saving and follow energy-saving measures.

Machinery used for management and maintenance of the public lighting network

  • vehicles with a platform for work at the height of 13 to 20m,
  • vehicles (for installation and service operations) equipped with spare parts and tools,
  • construction machinery for earthworks and construction works – loaders, diggers, road compactors etc.

All tasks are performed by qualified staff.

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Marius Pedersen a.s. was established in the Czech Republic in 1991 as a subsidiary of a Danish company Marius Pedersen A/S.

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