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Illegal dumping removal

Due to an efficient system of municipal waste collection, there has been a gradual decrease in the amount of illegal dumping, yet there are individuals and firms that dump waste illegally (fly-tipping). This action is illegal and high penalties are imposed for not respecting the law.

Based on the appeal of municipal representatives or owners of affected properties, we are able to remove illegal dumping in compliance with legislation and restore the site to its original condition.

The service provided by Marius Pedersen includes waste separation directly on the site used for illegal dumping, waste transport and its subsequent treatment or utilization in our production centres.

In this context, we use sophisticated technologies for disposal of hazardous waste, i.e. biodegradation or solidification as toxic waste can often be found on sites with illegal dumping. In other cases we dispose of  such waste in incineration plants or in controlled landfill sites.

If there is a danger of soil or subterranean water contamination on the site used for  illegal dumping, we determine the degree of damage and if necessary remediate the area.

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Marius Pedersen a.s. was established in the Czech Republic in 1991 as a subsidiary of a Danish company Marius Pedersen A/S.

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