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Facility Management

Facility Management is a whole complex of a wide range of supporting services which are not included in core-business activities of a customer, but contribute to smooth and seamless running of the production and operation of a company.

The wide range of activities which we provide through Facility management allows us to list here only the main services:

1.     Maintenance of buildings

In this field we offer a full range of services comprising day-to-day operation, controlling, service, inspection, maintenance and repair of buildings.

Maintenance of technologies in buildings (multi-tech services):

  • heating,
  • air-conditioning systems,
  • cooling systems,
  • production and distribution of cold and hot water,
  • water treatment, plumbing,
  • wiring (low-voltage and high-voltage current), thermography,
  • interior and exterior lighting,
  • lightning conductors,
  • power generators,
  • compressed air systems,
  • fire emergency precautions,
  • lifts.

Minor maintenance of buildings:

  • minor maintenance of furniture, doors and windows,
  • repair and maintenance of sanitary facilities,
  • small moves,
  • plumbing,
  • maintenance of heaters,
  • cleaning of sewerage systems or other accessible distribution systems,
  • performance of tailor-made tasks (putting up notice boards or shelves, carpet laying, sealing etc.),
  • interior painting,
  • welding.

2.     Energy management

In the field of energy management we provide a complete scope of services:

  • energy consultation - commercial,
  • energy consultation - legal,
  • analysis of energy needs, energy saving options, effectiveness of energy utilization,
  • energy audit,
  • energy and technological system, monitoring of energy consumption, assessments, analyses etc.,
  • complete supply of energy equipment,
  • fuel and energy supply (electricity, heating, cooling, water, gas, compressed air).

3.    Waste management

4.    Cleaning services

5.    Outdoor maintenance

6.    Other specific supporting services

System of operation documentation

Within Facility Management we also provide a specific service –  documentation management related to a customer´s operations and needs.

We are able to clearly define the level of technicality of the documentation and then to determine systematic procedures of the documentation update (methods of unified document, premises and technology identification, methods of documentation update during reconstruction etc.).

Software support of Facility Management

Software support enables our customers to submit their requests via the portal of our client support centre.

Submitted requests are handled by a solution provider resulting in an immediate action. The deadline of a proposed solution depends on a mutual agreement and contract terms of the client and the supplier as well as the urgency of the problem.

Through this process required actions are clearly specified and loss of information through telephone communication is eliminated. There is a standard login process to the portal (login/password).

All supporting services are provided by both our employees (approx. 90%) and subcontractors who are assessed on an annual basis.



Interesting facts

Marius Pedersen a.s. was established in the Czech Republic in 1991 as a subsidiary of a Danish company Marius Pedersen A/S.

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