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Production of alternative fuel from used tyres

Used tyres are a relatively problematic type of waste. However, they can be used for the production of alternative fuel, in compliance with environmental protection standards.

The outcome of tyre recycling is ALTPAL MP-05 - certified alternative fuel (50 x 50 x 200mm rubber chips). The fuel is used as an input material in the technological process of cement production in Cement Hranice a.s. company.

We have complex technological equipment at our disposal, which receives, concentrates and mechanically processes car and  truck tyres up to the maximum size of 1400mm in diameter and approx.400mm wide.  

According to Waste Act, this waste is characterized by R3, R5, R12 and R13 codes and the „Ocategory waste is also allowed to be accepted to recycling facilities (according to the Waste catalogue – the regulation of the Ministry of the Environment no. 381/2001 Coll.):

  • 04 02 99 – unspecified wastes (uncontaminated composite materials – rubber + textile)
  • 07 02 99 – unspecified wastes (rubber-metal, technical rubber, rubber gaskets)
  • 16 01 03 – tyres
  • 16 01 99 – unspecified wastes (uncontaminated automobile rubber wastes)
  • 19 12 04 – plastic and natural rubber

Technological procedure of tyre processing
The fuel from tyres is produced in the restricted area of Cement Hranice, a.s.
The fuel production is a complex technological process:

  1. Large truck tyres are cut into two halves by a hydraulic cutting machine. 
  2. The tyre pieces and other waste are processed by a tyre grinder and the fuel is produced.
  3. The fuel is conveyed to a furnace hopper and dosed for further production of clinker. Fuel doses depend on the required output of the furnace ranging between 0,5–3t/hour.

Basic characteristics of the ALTPAL MP-05 alernative fuel are specified in the „Protocol on recycling“.

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