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4th School Competition in waste paper collection

Dear representatives of schools in Pardubice and Hradec Králové regions,

Marius Pedersen a.s. cordially invites you to take part in The 4th School Competition in waste paper collection that is held from April 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012. All schools of Pardubice and Hradec Králové regions are welcome.

Join and get your prize! The most successful schools in „The largest amount of collected waste paper per student“ category and „The largest absolute amount of collected waste paper“ category will be financially rewarded.  The first 10 schools - absolute winners - will be rewarded 30 cinema tickets, i.e. 300 students will be given a prize.  The students of the winning schools will then have the opportunity to see the film of their own choice at The Central cinema in Hradec Králové. The choice of the film will be based on the vote taken during the autumn months. The film will be shown in 3D format by the state-of-the-art high resolution projector. As a gift, each student will get Sony 3D goggles.

The competing schools will be provided with waste paper containers free of charge. Waste paper will be traded for the highest market price possible. Payments will be carried out via credit transfer or in cash to the hands of an authorised person. Note: We do not do any quality related weight deductions.  

Marius Pedersen a.s. is highly involved in waste management promotion and enlightenment activities. That is why, the company not only holds this waste paper collection competition but also invites all participating schools to an educational show-you-round tour of Pardubice transport-recycling centre (TRC) or Hradec Králové recycling centre (RC) or Bohemian Waste Management a.s. landfill site in Zdechovice, Pardubice region.

If you are more interested in waste recycling, go to our website www.mariuspedersen.cz. There you can learn more about waste recycling and disposal (see section Do you know that...?), or you can enjoy good fun and get useful information when playing  „Take out the trash“ game at www.dojdiskosem.cz or send an online greeting card to your friends.

For further information about the competition and the registration form, please  go to our website.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

Contact:  Adéla Hertlová, Dis. , Sales Department, tel.: 720 427 046, e-mail: adela.hertlova@mariuspedersen.cz


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